The warranty is valid only if the device has been installed in accordance with best practice and is used in keeping with the recommendations prescribed in these installation and operating instruction.

For the heating unit and the outer housing, the warranty period is seven years from the date of delivery by the fitter or reseller.

The warranty is limited to two years for fans and the variable speed drive. Defective parts will be exchanged upon return. The following are not covered by the warranty: – internal wear parts in contact with flames and embers; – vermiculite panels; – door and ash pan gaskets; – the glass pane, which is liable to undergo shocks or excessive handling; – normal wear and tear and lack of maintenance; – damage resulting from a faulty installation and abnormal chimney draught (maximum 20 Pa); – damage due to improper repairs or changes made to the fireplace or its accessories; – losses or malfunctions due to a lack of supervision, misuse of the device (overheating) or improper use, in particular a discrepancy between the rated and the required heat output of the fireplace; – poor choice of fuels; loading more wood into the fireplace than is permitted; – deliberate and permanent interruption of ventilation; – and use with the ash-pan door open.








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Is your space limited? Is the fireplace you now have an odd size? Is it impossible to install a standard model? Looking for something special? JIDÉ offers custom-built solutions that are 100% Made in Belgium, of course.

Like all other models in the JIDÉ range, tailor-made units combine high-quality materials, modern techniques, and traditional craftsmanship.

Before they get started, our technicians have to determine the possibilities for, and the feasibility of, the project, while ensuring that the unit will work properly and can be operated safely.

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Fireplace maintenance tips.

Photo Fireplace maintenance tips.