The experience of pure fire

Jidé stoves, 100% made in belgium

As a stove manufacturer, Jidé is unique in Belgium. This is because of its advanced combustion technologies and an eye for design, but also because Jidé stoves are entirely manufactured in Belgium. Made in Belgium! Because craftsmanship is our greatest strength.

Producing everything locally means that Jidé can carry out continuous quality checks and guarantee an outstanding service for every customer. Made in Belgium! So that you the customer can trust us completely.

At Jidé, we know that a wood stove does more than just heat the space. People have been using wood as a fuel since the beginning of time, and there is still no more pleasant warmth today. A wood fire crackles, a wood fire has an evocative smell, a wood fire creates an atmosphere, a wood fire makes your home cosy.

All our designs are therefore carefully balanced to bring out the full experience of the fire. Large glass panels and functional lines really accentuate the blazing wood.

Stylish to look at, easy to use, efficient combustion and a guaranteed quality brand … that’s what Jidé stands for.

décor plus foyer à bois