The Aqua Air Flow is a revolutionary “hydro” stove. It is able to transmit its heat energy to the building’s central heating system. Jidé has its own patented system for this.

The following arrangement is not improbable: you want to have a wood-burning stove in the living room, but central heating in the bedrooms and bathroom. You may think that this means two kinds of heating. But not with the Aqua Air Flow, because this stove transfers the heat from the wood fire to the boiler’s water circuit. With Aqua Air FlowAs, you can therefore warm the whole house and have hot water. This is good for your wallet, too, because you save on gas or heating oil and electricity.

The Aqua Air Flow is different from other hydro stoves, in that the water never comes directly into contact with the stove’s combustion chamber. The water is heated by hot air in an air/water exchanger. The heat can be adjusted much more easily this way, and it’s impossible for the water to overheat.

The Aqua Air Flow combines comfort with high-tech efficiency.