classic combustion

The glowing embers, the dancing flames, the deep orange colour … a wood fire awakens a primal feeling of intimacy in us. For centuries, a hearth was the only source of heat and was literally the heart of the household.

Times have changed. Technology has made our lives much more comfortable. But there’s still nothing like the intimate warmth of a wood stove in the living room.

The following stoves are based on the classic combustion method. The wood fuel undergoes a primary and secondary combustion process. The primary air intake comes from the grate (or from an internal air vent for the Decor series) under the charcoal, while the secondary air is moved around by the airwash system.

Thanks to their simplicity, classic stoves are extremely easy to use. In addition to this, they can be installed practically anywhere in the house, because there is no need for any connection to the outside air. They are therefore ideal for renovation projects.