Gas fireplaces

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  • JIDE-POELES-GAZ-carino
  • JIDE-POELES-GAZ-carino

Involved in fireplaces manufacturing for years, Jidé is one of the last manufacturer 100 % MADE IN BELGIUM!

Because craftsmanship is our greatest strength, Jidé can carry out continuous quality checks and guarantee an outstanding service for every customer.

Jidé launches its range of gas fireplaces in the continuity of a permanent seeking of customer satisfaction. Keeping each quality and performance already present in our wood fireplaces, the new range CARINO is a wonderful mix of technic, sobriety and user-friendliness which provides a complete well-being in a cosy atmosphere.

With its high bonfire, its realistic artificial set of firelogs and its easy handling with a programmable remote control, the CARINO highlights a stunning burning similar to the one of a wood fireplace.

Stylish to look at, easy to use, efficient combustion and a guaranteed quality brand … that’s what Jidé stands for.

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